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Before climbing it, activate the switch in the next room with loto libanais resultat 1593 your Whip to make a geyser appear for a shortcut back to the initial subterranean area.
Treasure Medal Location: Northeast Island It can be gained from the Goddess Cube Chest.
Heart Potion Location: Potion Shop Buy it from the Potion Shop and use it to restore your hearts up to eight.
TOP, bottom, left, right.Gear Upgrade Mogma Mitts Upgrade Digging Mitts and you will have this item.It was previously the Goddess White Sword which can be further modified by infusing it with Dins Flame.1 2 Casamassina, Matt.Step onto it, lock on to the wall switch and yank it with the Whip.It will cost you 150 rupees.You can ride another pillar around to get to the other side of the same switch you just whipped.Pull the wall switch and you can get to the lever that activates the statue's movement.Now that you are 200 Rupees richer, approach the locked door at the center of the statue.Withdraw the sword from its pedestal to make it yours.Gaint Wallet It has the capacity to sore up to 5000 rupees and can be bought for fifty Gratitude Crystals at the Batreauxs House.You can upgrade it in the Scrap Shop which will increase its durability.Wait until it unfurls its feathery tail and slap it with the Whip.

You cant survive the ancient evils in Skyward Sword, if you dont come prepared with all the necessary weapons, equipment, and gear in the dungeon.Clawshots Location: Nayrus Silent Realm Finish the trail in the Nayrus Silent Realm to obtain the Clawshots which can let you climb towers, cliffs and other high structures.Equipment Upgrades Big Bug Net It is upgraded from Bug Net at the Scrap Shop that can be used to catch more insects.Goddesss Harp Location: Temple of Time Get it from Zelda when you meet her in the Temple of Time.Link rinkeu ) zeruda zelda.You'll have to swing across the whip grip point that protrudes from the wall.Fairy Location: Everywhere You can obtain a fairy by capturing it in your Empty Bottle which can revive you and restore six hearts.
Chest along the north wall of the main chamber.

Seed Satchel Location: Faron Woods It can hold all the Deku Seeds and the ammo for Slingshot as it is given to you by Bucha along with the crease its capacity by upgrading it as youll be carrying limited amount of ammo.
Shield Upgrades, banded Shield, it is upgraded from the Wooden Shield at the Scrap Shop and requires items like Amber Relic (2 Monster Claw (1 Jelly Blob (1) and will cost 30 rupees for the upgrade.
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