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As Coolsig grew, people started helping out by sending in submissions until the site contained thousands of entries.

It's the world's largest online signature file collection, and has been online since 1995.F (257 g (185 h (203 i (100 j (88 k (94 l (124).This site got started years ago when my search for online signature files was met by the online equivalent of a blank stare.So what's a Coolsig?70 Groaners 46 Mini - Jokes 20 One-Liners 242 Jack Handy 74 Geeky Sigs!Change hairstyle, eye shape, clothing, add accessories, and more.Making you think 148, verbal Typos 193, corporate Typos 35, put downs!If you're zany enough to wanna meet other folks like yourself, you should check out our free forum.Please select.34.99, hey wait!Sign up below and we'll send you our Free Report right away.Worldly Sigs 42, battle of the Sexes!Please pick an item so we can magically put it in your wishlist.114, movies 85, music 32, sports 24, proverbial Signatures 205, parenting Rugrats.See why millions of users love BuddyPoke as "The best avatar app out there!".
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Coolsig is dedicated to my grandfather, John Dragushan (1907-1999).