Click on the, save Model button.
Click on the language drop down on the top right of the screen and select the last option: Language Settings.
The object keys are identical to the value of the locale property that is passed to our skill when it is invoked by Alexa.
The code below is based on version 2 of the ASK SDK for Node.American English: slot Brazilian Portuguese: colocar em uma abertura Chinese: European Spanish: encajar French: insérer German: stecken Italian: inserire Japanese: Korean: European Portuguese: colocar numa abertura Latin American Spanish: meter Source Translation of slot from the Collins English to Italian.You can see this in action by looking at the json request sent casino hand spinner to your skill through the service simulator.Read more Collins 2019).In our example, when testing from the Italian language, the request sent to the skill includes the it-IT locale: Each language has a translations object within languageStrings.Mam na myśl, że zrobił jednorękiego bandytę z Lego.Once you are done defining and enabling language strings, you can access these strings using the i18n function.
EnglishThe endangered species of captains of industry has now been replaced by sombre-talking slot machines.
This displays the complete interaction model for the skill in json format.

Starting today, you can use the.Strings will be rendered in the language that matches the locale of the incoming request.She herd no further sounds.For example AirBnBs Polyglot, Wikimedias i18n, or JQuerys Globalize.Thats all that it takes to update your skill for customers in Italy.You now need to translate the invocation name, the sample utterances, the slot values and the synonyms.Now you will provide the interaction model for the Italian version.EnglishSlide the insulin blister straight into the blister slot as far as it will.EnglishThe crows learn that all they have to do is show up, wait for the coin to come out, put the coin in the slot, and then they get their peanut.EnglishAnd the guy that made this, he made a slot machine out of Lego.You can do this by copying the interaction model from one of the English versions of our skill, and translating the sample utterances and slot values and synonyms.Translator, grammar, scrabble, blog, sign Up, log In slot machine noun (for cigarettes, food) distributore m automatico (for amusement) slot-machine f inv.It will also show you how you can use ASK to enable Alexa to respond based on locales.Na mince, danish: sprække.
To use the simple string localisation class in your typescript Intent Handler, import the class in your codes header.
Translate all sample utterances, slot values and slot synonyms.