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B edit Balance Game edit Five small prizes were presented and the contestant was given five "Barker silver dollar" coins.The game continues until the contestant either wins by getting all five digits correct, or loses by providing a price in which no new digits are correct.The contestant either won the game by correctly placing each of the six prices or lost by making a mistake.If the total of the contestant's errors on all three guesses is no more than 25, he/she wins the three small prizes and a larger prize.The contestant selects an item and must determine whether the price given for the item is the current price (now) or the price as of the specified past date (then).If the contestant has fewer than four right, he or she may rearrange the prices and pull the lever as often as time allows.The correct numbers hide the front and rear halves of the car, while all others hide dollar signs.

Pricing games are featured on the current version of the American game show, the Price Is Right.Citation needed Rat Race edit The contestant must price three items within specified ranges: a grocery item priced loto maison drummondville 2017 visite virtuelle under 10 within 1; a small prize priced under 100 within 10; and a medium prize priced under 500 within 100.If sheila casino de paris dvd the totals agreed to within 5, he or she could use the provided coins to balance the scale and win.Hi Lo edit The contestant is shown six grocery items and must choose the three with the highest prices in order to win.The contestant is given ten seconds and one chance to place all five items in their proper categories.A model stood at each end comment gagner au machine a sous du casino of the row, and the contestant chose one of them to bump the buses, resulting in either the leftmost or rightmost two coming to rest above the prize names and the others being removed/knocked from the board.One at a time, the contestant selects items he believes are priced lower than the target.Retrieved July 28, 2017.To finish, add a build coat of Seal Coat lure finish, scuff lightly with fine sandpaper and apply your paint.83 Prior to 2018, discs were selected from the bag rather than baseballs, and they were placed in a bag rather than a hopper.Before the price was revealed, the contestant was offered a prize package to quit the game.
After pricing all of the items, the contestant places one chip at a time on a pegboard (styled similarly to a bean machine where it eventually falls into one of nine spaces at the bottom.
For each item, four possible prices were presented.

The contestant chooses a prize and must choose the correct price from two options.
Reaching 21 with any combination of cards was an automatic win, regardless of the house's hand.