They also host festival during Muslim Holiday Eid al Fitr.
At only IDR 80,000, visitors can rent beautiful Chinese traditional clothes.Sekilas Mengenai, klenteng Agung Sam Poo Kong, laksamana Zheng He (Cheng Ho) terlahir dengan nama Ma San Bao.Img: Hertanto Krismunadi, pilgrims coming to this temple how to play poker arent limited to Tridharma only.Sam Poo Kong Temple opens every day, all year round, from 8 AM to. .From 2002 to 2005 it underwent another major renovation.In October 1724 the temple was completely renovated.During five years of revolution after the Japanese left the newly independent Indonesia, the temple was poorly maintained and fell into disrepair.

Between the three different cultures in Semarang community.The culture blend apparently doesnt stop at its architecture only.On weekend, just outside the temple.In 1416, he stops at north Java, in a city nowadays known as Semarang.A non-walled square room design usually supports by four or more pillars.Zheng He (also known as Sanbao it is now shared by Indonesians of multiple religious denominations, including.Rent Costume And Pose Like Admiral.Semarang via the Garang River; the year is disputed, with suggestions ranging from 1400 to 1416.Chinese, Javanese, and Islamic cultures form one architectural masterpiece.Come during this time to see statues of Cheng.To get there, visitors can use a taxi, a rented car, or a rented bus.References edit Footnotes Bibliography External links edit.Termasuk klenteng yang ada di Semarang Jawa Tengah ini.