Said to be (used in special idioms, unfavorably).
4:59 we have obtained a husband for you.
Annatto dye plant (Bixa orellana a tropical American shrub or small tree, bearing fruit with scarlet seeds, used for dyeing.
Ua hoopuka ia paha mamuli o ka palapala hoopii kpono, acquitted after a proper indictment.Puka maila kna olelo, he spoke (lit., his word came out).Spoon (preceded by ke).Best Place to eat Hawaiian Style Poke In las Vegas is "Poke Express".Wai o kaunu, thrilling discharges of love.(PPN tufunga, PCP t(a, o)funga.).E lawe oia i ka puna hou e hamo i ka hale (Oihk.How to Order a Spoondrift Island Bowl.Call FOR more info.(Also spelled.) interr.Types of salt are paakai lele wai, very fine, jouer au billard en ligne et gagner de l argent dried salt; paakai walewale, slimy salt; paakai puupuu, coarse salt; paakai lepo, salt mixed with earth; paakai ulaula, salt mixed with ocherous earth.The word is also often used to mean being honorable, correct or good.Puka To invest; to make a profit; profitable.Pau or pau precedes some words with meaning of very, very much.Water-soluble colloidal ocherous earth, used for coloring salt, for medicine, for dye, and formaly in the purification ceremony called hiuwai; any red colloring matter; according.
To gain, win, profit; to draw interest; winnings, gain, profit.

Loosely translated, a person with Pono is living in a state of balance and harmony with the world around them.The I Love Poke Festival returns to San Diego's hoe krijg je een fietsslot open zonder sleutel Bali Hai Resort on May 30, 2012 from 6 to.m.Puka To issue, as a permit; to acquit, as a defendant in court; a chant to which dancers issue.Poke ina, the tongue-like meat found in the ina, sea urchin; to remove this meat.Priest, sorcerer, magician, wizard, casino peychotte drive minister, expert in any profession (whether male or female in the 1845 laws doctors, surgeons, and dentists were called kahuna.Stop by Poke Express the best poke in town.He pnwai e inu ia (FS 229 a spring with potable water.183 a gentle sea.N Wai-eh, the four waters, a poetic name for Wai-luku, Wai-ehu, Wai-hee and Wai-ka-p, Maui.To bake in the ground oven; to burn brick or lime; baked.(Used in loaa-type constructions, Gram.All parts of the plant are eaten, its starchy root principally as poi, and its leaves as lau.