poke yt song

Magik Sends a magik pic of given image.
Sepia Apply Sepia effect to given image.
Smile smile @user smile random 10 seconds.Adventure Adventure mode usage, start the adventure, check the context or change casumo casino no deposit bonus codes the language of your adventure.The song was accredited as Porter featuring YT and ATL.Setnick Edit user nickname.Autism image or @user 5 seconds.Insult Insult the bot or someone.Color #hex color (rgb code) color random 10 seconds.
Nocontext No context pictures.

Move @user channel name move Koyamie Best Voice Channel 3 seconds.Map Send Google Map image for the location given.Urban word or expression urban lmfao ub 10 seconds.Convolute matrix image convolute convolution 5 seconds.Vote Vote for the bot and be rewarded.Gelbooru tags 10 seconds.
Flip text 5 seconds.
Boat expeditions or expedition or expe or e Expedition Number boat expeditions or expedition or expe or e list boat accost boat build boat list boat repair boat upgrade boat use 5 seconds.