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If, however, M is in the tavolino loto maxalto form of a Kangaskhan and has illegal moves removed (think Water Gun and Sky Attack it can be transferred.The Pokémon's experience is then reset to the minimum amount of experience required for its current level.Unlike the Pal Park and Poké Transfer before it, Pokémon that know HM moves can be transported without having to forget those moves.This means that Machop will not have the No Guard Ability when transferred.The service allows one-way transfer; once transferred, they cannot be moved back to the Generation V or the Virtual Console Generations I and II games.If they have a Defense IV of 10, a Special IV of 10, a Speed IV of 10 and a particular Attack IV, it will be shiny.Version history Bulbanews has multiple articles related to this subject: Version Release date Changes.1 December 25, 2013 January 21, 2014 February 4, 2014 February 5, 2014 10 Initial release.2 January 24, 2017 You will be able to transfer Pokémon from the virtual console.Dresseur Dresseur German trainer trainer Trainer Italian allen.As these games do not keep track of which Poké Ball is used to catch a Pokémon, all transferred Pokémon will be in a regular Poké Ball.There are a few exceptions; Mew, Celebi, Metapod, Kakuna, Pupitar, Unown, the Weezing line, and the Gengar line.If an unnicknamed Farfetch'd is transported from Generation I, it will be given the nickname farfetch.If a Pokémon's nickname contains a word which is prohibited by the Nintendo 3DS system's filter, the Pokémon's nickname will be erased, reverting to the default species name.
One point of interest was how this would be made possible, given that for instance the first generation games had only one Special stat, a different IV system and no Natures or Abilities.

Starly that have their Hidden Ability flag set (such that they would evolve into Reckless Staravia ) will have their Ability changed to Reckless upon transportation.No Guard Fissure Machamp cant exist!4 5 When the Nintendo eShop was accessible again on December 29, 2013, 6 Pokémon Bank was removed from the Nintendo eShop (although players that had previously downloaded Pokémon Bank could still download Poké Transporter, which can only be downloaded through Pokémon Bank).If you're transferring creatures from the Virtual Console versions of Red, Blue and Yellow, stats such as Abilities, Natures, Special Attack and Special Defence will be added.The method of assigning gender has varied: In version.3, a Pokémon transferred from the Virtual Console games has a gender assigned based on its Attack IV, like in Generation.Specifically, if the Shiny value is between 8 and 15, the Pokémon would not be Shiny in Generation V, but would be Shiny if it had the same PID in Generation.In Generation VII, no met level or date obtained is displayed in-game for these Pokémon.Mew obtained via glitches in RBY sadly cannot.The update also comes with.Unnicknamed Pokémon from before Generation V (including from the Virtual Console releases which have their species names in all-caps, have their names changed to be capitalized normally.A name consisting of only spaces, which is only possible in Generation I, will remain unchanged.

1.3 September 5, 2017 Adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.
For Pokémon transported from Generation I or II, Poké Transporter uses the game from which the Pokémon was transferred, as these games do not store the game of origin.