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It is important to note that the infant mortality rate couche casino famili has continued to decrease in the regions with a developed three-level system of obstetric aid and neonatology, and which have operating perinatal centres, despite the new registration criteria.
Targeted enrolment in this context must constitute 50 of the total, but the main thing is that the constituent entities should implement social support measures designed to keep nurses in the profession.Please pay attention to this.Measures aimed at increasing the quality and accessibility of all kinds of medical assistance are generally implemented at regional healthcare facilities in accordance with each regions conditions and needs.We were in first place in terms of the USE (Unified State how to make spicy mayo poke Exam) grade point average for 2012 entrants.The second point is about access to high-tech medical treatment provided by 120 federal and 222 regional medical institutions.Cooperation with charity organisations is expanding.There are plans to buy over 260 more mobile systems under regional healthcare development programmes.Colleagues, during our meetings, conferences and meetings of our activists, we have frequently noted that infrastructure and logistics transformations being implemented in the healthcare systems of all regions must be well thought-out and most convenient for the population, the main recipient of healthcare services.
I would like to once again focus on the absolute priority of providing convenient primary zmedical-sanitary assistance and neighbourhood healthcare.

A persistent positive trend towards decreasing mortality was achieved in all the major disease groups: mortality from cardiovascular diseases fell by about 3, tuberculosis.2, external causes.9, accidental poisoning.6, cancer .7.Only 50-60 of second-level institutions have been established in some regions to date.Much has been done to consolidate its material and technical foundation.To make this possible it is necessary to provide them with funds on time.A plan was designed and approved on measures to implement the basics of the state policy on promoting healthy food for the period up to 2020.A global WHO action plan dealing with non-contagious diseases and comprising political obligations of member-states and specific procedures for their implementation at national level has been drafted for.The activities of the Open Government are making a large contribution to the development of the Ministry and to the formation of an open format for its activity.According to WHO experts, who used Petros Dellaportass mortality data representation, the IMR in Russia was supposed to increase.5,.e.We have also drafted amendments to the Labour Code, which would make it possible for country doctors to carry out their duties at home.Thus, in 2012 the mortality and birth rate curves criss-crossed, and the population decline in the country has practically been reversed.This was done in order to create an effective mechanism to prevent unjustified price increases for medicines and to ensure there is no reduction in the range and assortment of medications available in pharmacies.The board of the Ministry of Healthcare Dmitry Medvedev : Colleagues, we have heard an informative report on what the Ministry has done and what it plans.This year almost all restrictions on annual medical exams by category of person, age and health status have been lifted.
The draft law has already been submitted to the Government.

Such a credit of confidence has laid an enormous responsibility on the Ministry and directed all our efforts towards focused systemic activities combining strategic planning and addressing everyday tactical problems.
The Health Ministrys 46 higher educational institutions, which turn out 32,000 doctors and pharmacists a year, including 26,000 whose training is subsidised by the state, form the core of the medical education system.