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Hersteller, haribo, adresse, d-53129 Bonn.
Oops, did a little googling and found they are called Sodalicious and were discontinued long ago.
Target Clean, your clear choice for clean products.Still enjoy them, but their ubiquity makes them less desirable.Happy Cola Gummy Candy, serving Size 8 Pieces, serving Per Container.5.Pleas click on the Buy now heading when you are certain about your purchase.The Landesmuseum Koblenz created rachat credit casino banque a traveling exhibition about the history of Haribo in Haribo made the first gummi candy in when Hans Riegel,.The great thing about Haribo is that they make an incredible variety with a huge variation of flavors and shapes.Recent Feedback Similar Items to " Haribo Roulette Happy Cola, German Gummi Candy, 50 Tubes á 25 g " Haribo Roulette Happy Cola, German Gummi Candy, 50 Tubes á 25 g CAD.14 Buy It Now Haribo Roulette Happy Cola, German Gummi Candy, 50 Tubes.The packaging was translated into English, and package weights were adjusted to match.
I wonder if they still make this, or if you could find it!

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