Volker Latussek is marivaux les jeux de l'amour et du hasard analyse known for elegant packing puzzles where you have to get (usually 6) identical pieces into a box (or remove them from a box that just would not let you.
Last Friday, I received a shipment from m with 6 different puzzles including Casino, Split Maze Burr and Cranium.
What a gorgeous puzzle.
Casino is a great puzzle, I can see why it is so popular.That was pretty exciting there.I can visualize where the chips atlantique lotto max need.I love the inlay the alternating Walnut and Maple look so clean and stylish and really stand out against the Cherry Box.Theres always a little adjustment that needs to be made and a sequence that needs to be considered.But what a fun little puzzle this was.Using a clever move, all those discs will start fitting into the box, and no blind guessing or trying is required, nor any dexterity.The puzzle consists of a box and 6 chips which must be placed inside the box.
I can see how all the chips should fit into the box, but one of the pieces is just a few centimeters shy of fitting in the opening.
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I tried to get a low angle shot so as not to spoil the solution.Its interesting because I think its the roundness of the pieces that make these puzzles what they are.I just cant get them there.Well Ive only been playing around for about 15 minutes, but feel like Im real close to a solution.If you already do, please login now.I was thrown off by the roundness you could say.It seems a lot of packing puzzles have a similar type of trick.Material: Oak and Maple, goetz Schwandtner wrote about it:.The process couldn't be easier.Its such a nice puzzle because its so accessible.It was a hard decision which one to write about because I so desperately wanted to play with them all!
I have never done it before and Ive heard great things, so off we go!
Its easy to get 5 pieces in, but that 6th one just doesnt want to fit!

This eventually lead to an Eureka!
Now thinking and systematic analysis was required!
Place the 6 coins into the box.