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191 The plan also envisions the creation of casino resorts in phoenix arizona new wide avenues in the outskirts of the city 190 and the creation of pedestrian-only zones in the city centre.
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Its proximity to imposing mountain ranges, hills and fault lines, especially towards its southeast have historically made the city prone to geological changes.
The local ymca was the first to introduce the sport to the country, while Iraklis BC won the first ever Greek championship.Archived from the original on 8 September 2012.297 Both the 19 proposals ran almost the identical route to the current Line.240 The Prehistoric Antiquities Museum of Thessaloniki has exhibits from those periods as well.201 The Greek ministry of tourism considers Thessaloniki to be Greece's second most important commercial port, 205 and companies such as Royal Caribbean International have expressed interest in adding the Port of Thessaloniki to their destinations.According to the 1478 census Selânik ( Ottoman Turkish : as the city came to be known in Ottoman Turkish, had 6,094 Greek Orthodox households, 4,320 Muslim ones, and some Catholic.174 Other edit See also: Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace and Thessaloniki A (Hellenic Parliament constituency) Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece.Greeks of the Resistance helped save some of the Jewish residents.208 Industry In the middle 60s, with the collaboration of Standard Oil and esso-Pappas, a large industrial zone was created, containing refineries, oil refinery and steel production.In 1423, Despot Andronikos Palaiologos ceded it to the Republic of Venice with the hope that it could be protected from the Ottomans who were besieging the city.
52 In 390, Gothic troops under the Roman Emperor Theodosius I, led a massacre against the inhabitants of Thessalonica, who had risen in revolt against the Gothic soldiers.
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In 1224, the Kingdom of Thessalonica was overrun by the Despotate of Epirus, a remnant of the former Byzantine Empire, under Theodore Komnenos Doukas who crowned himself Emperor, 72 and the city became the capital of the short-lived Empire of Thessalonica." Stories: Thessaloniki Metro.National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.Also called the historic centre, it is divided into several districts, including Dimokratias Square (Democarcy.166 167 Rain seldom falls in summer, mainly during thunderstorms.Northwestern Thessaloniki is also home to Moni Lazariston, located in Stavroupoli, which today forms one of the most important cultural centers for the city, including MOMusMuseum of Modern ArtCostakis Collection and two theatres of the National Theatre of Northern Greece.187 Some of the sites were not restored until the 1980s.221 Israeli singer Yehuda Poliker recorded a song about the Jewish people of Thessaloniki, called "Wait for me, Thessaloniki".203 As a result, the city is a major transportation hub for the whole of south-eastern Europe, 204 carrying, among other things, trade to and from the neighbouring countries.Year Total population Jewish population Jewish percentage Source,000 36,000 51 Jakob Philipp Fallmerayer 1870 90,000 50,000 56 Greek schoolbook (G.K.An exhibition about prehistoric life in Macedonia Archived 2 November 2011 at the Wayback Machine About the Museum Archived t the Wayback Machine (in Greek) Award of the Council of Europe to the Museum of Byzantine Culture Archived t the Wayback Machine (in Greek) Introduction.Archived from the original (PDF) on Karadimou-Gerolympou, Alexandra (1996).Demetrius, a Christian whom Galerius is said to have put to death.
317 Motorways: A1 / E75 W ( Republic of North Macedonia, Larissa, Athens ) A2 / E90 W ( Kozani, Ioannina, Igoumenitsa ) N ( Kavala, Xanthi, Alexandroupolis, Turkey ) A25 ( 12 79 ( Serres, Bulgaria ) A25 ( 67 ) S ( Airport.
72 In 1342, 77 the city saw the rise of the Commune of the Zealots, an anti-aristocratic party formed of sailors and the poor, 78 which is nowadays described as social-revolutionary.

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In volleyball, Iraklis has emerged since 2000 as one of the most successful teams in Greece 280 and Europe see 200506 CEV Champions League.
It was conquered by the Ottomans in 1430, and remained an important seaport and multi-ethnic metropolis during the nearly five centuries of Turkish rule.