It is raining lightly in Borrego Springs this evening and still more rain is predicted in the coming week.
San Diego Pea - Taken along the Sunrise Highway by Bill Sullivan Lupine and Penstemon - Taken along the Sunrise Highweay by Bill Sullivan Prickly Poppy - Taken along San Felipe Valley gagner de l argent avec son corps Road by Bill Sullivan Prickly Pear in bloom by Bill Sullivan.Desert Lilly 1/4/2019 Photo by Fred Melgert.The town is centered around Palm Canyon Drive, but take some time to drive around the town and you will see golf courses, interesting artwork, and desert life.Because of the cohesive consistency of the mud in this particular area and its ability to swell to several times its original dry volume, it adheres to itself and to the canyon walls, creating natural bridges and, sometimes caves, as it dries.Borrego Valley Inn : This small upscale inn is our favorite destination for couples.See also the Gas Domes' mud pots and the Pumpkin Patch.It will happen when temperatures warm up in springtime. .Bighorn sheep are poker aquitaine now fredquently being seen along the Palm Canyon Trail at the edge of town in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.East of Borrego Map, " an area where the bloom is expanding in the direction of Clark Dry Lake.Here are two photos from today's trip.The first bloom pulse is peaking now.Good-by to fall colors, like in the attached 5970_BlairValley photo.Depending on the winter rains and weather, you will see a different display of Southern California wildflowers in Anza Borrego.Stop #2 is not far away, Carizzo wash. .
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This is a a great place to visit mid week because there is very little ORV traffic. .

Same location as above, Buttes Pass Road.Carizzo Wash Photo by Judy Stewart.The hiking is also nice until the hot summer weather hits, so don't wait to come see this lovely park.BUT, barring those events, we are ON for a Bursting-with-Blooms year in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park!The only caveat is that this is an area to visit on weekdays if you are bothered by the OHV traffic.A brother and sister take in all the yellow poppies on the slopes of Texas Dip, San Felipe Wash. .Desert Tours - Take a guided tour of the Anza Borrego desert from California Overland Desert Excursions.From the scrups Cup leaf ceanothus, Ceanothus perplexans was in excellent bloom, at higher elevations.I took my first picture along the Sunrise Highway at 6:23.m., not quite an hour's drive from my San Diego home.The lilies all seem to be located withing about 100 feet of the roadway.For dinner, try Arches at Borrego Springs Resort ( ) or the Big Horn Restaurant at the Palm Canyon Resort (760.767.5341).Photos by Terry Hunefeld Meanwhile, Fred and Carla are also reporting small blooms, moist conditions, and good germination. .But the weather so far this season has some wildflower prognosticators thinking that we could see an earlier peak bloom this year, maybe in February. .

Only 2 kinds of events could derail a Bursting-with-Blooms Spring this year: multiple days of freezing temperatures or multiple days of super-hot temperatures.