8.5) with Eldritch Blast, and you and the imp have the same 5 attack bonus.
Quick Build, you can make a blood mage quickly by following these suggestions.
A sacrifice is a ritual that magically signifies the blood mage's commitment to the powers of blood magic as well as their own affirmation to their desires and goals.If you're a melee warlock, Pact of the Chain might be a good option so that you can pick this.Enervation XGtE : Remember Witch Bolt?Armor of Hexes: That's a 50 miss chance.History (Int Situational, and frequently useless in many campaigns.When you run out of good 5th-level spells to select, look at lower-level spells which are still useful like utility options or spells which scale with spell slot level.Sage PHB : Two languages and two knoweldge skills.Even if magic items are available, many magic weapons don't offer 1 il existe donc aujourd'hui 4 grandes familles de loterie to attacks and damage, and any bonus to attack rolls is great.Booming Blade is a great solution to this issue.
2nd-level Spells: Two options for debilitating foes: one more martial foes, and one for spellcasters.

Entropic Ward: Not as reliable as other mechanics which respond to being attacked, and since most of your attacks are at range you will frequently need to find a way to move out of your foe's reach before attacking.7 New Eldritch Invocation: Repelling Blast New Spell Known: Wall of Fire 7th level brings 4th-level spells and another invocation.Blade pact Warlocks will also want a bonus to Dexterity.Mountain PHB : Nothing useful for the Warlock.Fleet Footed Prerequisite: 10th level Your base movement speed increases by 5 feet and in now only takes you 5 feet of movement to stand from being prone.Scourge: Excellent for a bladelock, though you'll want to rely more on spells until your get an Ability Score Increase or two to get your Strengh or Dexterity past.If you run Hex all day long, this will be free damage during most rounds.

The damage is decent, but it is absolutely not the primary appeal of the spell.
Hex PHB : An excellent damage boost, especially once you get multiple rays with Eldritch Blast.
Thief of Five Fates PHB : A great debuff at any level, but at low levels it may not affect enough creatures to be worth the spell slot.